We believe everyone has the right to pursue a life they love.

We are passionate about everyone having access to the information and resources they need to make their dent in the universe.

We are capable of building bridges between various culture, ideas, and concepts. 

We can be counted on to always bring the best influencers, content, and ideas forth to make your vision-building easier and more attainable. 


Because community and sense of belonging are imperative in the entrepreneur's journey. And culture, when done right, serves as an anchor for the depth of connection that fuels innovation and creativity. 

Simply, we do it for the culture.


About the Founder - Tiffany Crawford


Tiffany Crawford is a visionary leader. She sees what is possible and creates from there. Raised in the 80's, 90's crack-ridden New York, in a tiny suburb of the Bronx you may have heard of -- Mount Vernon -- Tiffany saw some of the harshest life has to offer before the age of 10. She learned to cope by reading books, daydreaming and transcribing songs off the radio. It was a way to escape harsh moments. 

At the age of 16, Tiffany was accepted to Howard University's engineering program with a full scholarship. By 20 she had a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and was headed to UC Berkeley in a Ph.D. Program. 3 years into her Ph.D. program she reluctantly accepted that Berkeley Engineering wasn't a fit for her. She left Berkeley with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and pursued Dance and Digital Media Studies at a Community College in Oakland, CA. 

Tiffany's career has had its twists and turns mostly under the umbrellas of management consultant, leadership trainer, writer, and producer as of late. As a consultant, Tiffany has worked with Fortune 500 clients including Warner Bros, Intel, Salesforce, 
Saatchi and Saatchi, and Levi’s. 

Tiffany's love for tech never left and she's always stayed close to the industry, working and consulting on technical projects. While writing and doing interviews for outlets such as Smashd, HuffPo, and We Work's Creator she began to see her creative and technical interests find a home amongst one another. 

Tiffany now brings these two worlds together producing culturally-relevant events and content. In 2015, Tiffany founded, CREATE, a media company that sits at the intersection of culture, technology, and mindfulness -- helping to cultivate the conversation of today’s emerging leader. Think Harvard Business Review meets The Fader with a tech current.

Tiffany splits her time between New York and California, is an avid yogi, and mentors young women in tech.